The Art of Communication and Educating The Girl Child

Communication is the way we interact with other people including friends and family members. According to Park (2007), communication refers to the countless ways that humans have of keeping in touch with one another. It can also be regarded as a two-way process of exchanging or sharing ideas, feelings and information.

Communication is more than a mere exchange of information; it is a process necessary to pave way for desired changes in human behaviour. Of course communication is only complete when there is a feedback. Our abilities to influence others depend on our communication skills, e.g. listening, reading, writing and reasoning. Good communication skills are crucial in our relationships with others.

Basically, communication can be described as verbal (using words), non-verbal (using body language, eye contact, music, art, dressing, etc.).

The girl child should be well groomed in the art of communication. She should be taught to improve communication skills by learning without interruption, using correct and appropriate language, monitoring eye contact and matching non-verbal language to verbal language. She should be made to understand that dressing half-naked for instance, sends out some signals as a means of communication; the way a girl carries herself when walking and even the use of make-up and jewelleries are all means of communication. These all speak volumes about our personalities. Sometimes strife, disagreement, misunderstanding, divorce, separation, criticism, lack of appreciation and so on, can result from poor communication.

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