we are living for death
So battle for nothing
And settle not for nothing
For life is vanity.

Rising falling,
Shinning glooming
Life is like a wave:
Rising and falling but shall certainly calm.

Expect not a smooth walk,
For the path to greatness is but rough.
The chirping of the morning birds
Signal a new day.

The rising sun announces a new beginning,
Yesterday gone for life,
Tomorrow remains a mystery
Today is thy best opportunity.

Procrastination is a path to failure…
Rise to the fate of life
And act when time's bell rings
For we live for death.

A new challenge never refuse
Though sorrows may overshadow joy,
For life is a battle field:
Winning or losing.

Fight to lose or conquer
For he who fights and runs away
Lives to fight again
For only death holds the stoppage time.

Great and lofty are thy dreams,
But minute are the step to their achievement
Plan not to skip a step,
Lest you leap to the cradle.

Live this living death
Never to victimise for glory
For more glory is reproach
But settle not for failure
And harvest not from the tree of fraud.

Fish not in the sea of deception
For though many may be thy catch,
We remain candidates of death,
The sun personified:
Once risen certainly we shall set.

Oh,what a vanity of fame,
The futility of class
And the powerlessness of power
for equality awaits us all
For we all live to die.

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