What lies beyond this life
When the soul and flesh part ways
And the flesh rot and perish?
Where go the flames of life?

This wit I write,
Not to sway your psyche
But do ponder and decide your path
For whether you profess a paradise
At the sound of a golden trumpet…

Or eternal flames for the doomed
And a pearly home beyond the clouds
For the Justified
Or the mere offing of life like candle flames,
With no traces of existence,
Or the endless cycles of reincarnation
This credence we give not from experience
For none visits there to return for a testimony.

But ponder on the mystery of a dream world
When a weary flesh does rests
And the spirit, or, the mind?
Rise to life in a dreamy realm….

Then pause, ponder and tell, if you care,
What happens when flesh rests in eternity?
Don't life in the other world continue in eternity?
Isn't dream an harbinger of life after life?

At the call of a painfully sweet dawn
We all set out to this momentary voyage
Whether long or short in the count of age,
At the closure of the curtain we journey back…

We are but trippers on a stormy row,
Tossed or quelled in the tides and flows,
Still we row to the end and beginning;
The rise of a dark or glowing sun!

From eternity, mortality to immortality
Thus we cyclically row,
What lies beyond we presumably know
For none visits there to return.

Peace with man grant you peace yonder
Risk not eternal doom
To the tentativeness of your ego
For the Wisdom of man is foolishness to God.
Inked By: Purity Onyam

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