Two love birds
Lying on either beds
Feeling dizzy and crazy
And seeking a cozy
All drunk in the opium of love
But each as harmless as a dove

This distance is a prison
To hearts that yearn beyond season
But with wishes they tour the world
A serene illusionary world!

I am the one,
And you are the one,
Just tie your heart to mine
Let's soar above the power of nine

I'll hold you tight even when it drizzle
And make these jealous eyes to dazzle
I'll take you far and high,
And down to the beautiful isle.

I'll be there when you need
To suppress every tempting id;
I'll spread your aisle with violet and roses
And we'll tread it in our elegant poses.

This world will be a place worth to be
If your love you'll give to me
And this then is the promise
While true love shall be its premise.

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