I've pursued in strange places, quietness for storms;
A warm breath that could make a preferable form!
I've used egg, hoping to crack a kernel's shell;
Or to forge a nail into a pillar to seal life's hell!
In the light, all is subjection but to brokenness!
O' off this lousy spirit that in me, I shoulder;
For at your feet, I surrender!

Many a times unknown, I've involved in unclean exchange!
I lost the faith in your life's protection to change!
On my waist, I wear my father's charm;
O my shaky faith! I yearn to free my throat,
from the night vultures that desire my soul to feast!
Yet, when the prophet rings the bell for a communion feast;
At your table, I surrender!

The night where tablets of pain was concealed in my heart;
I awaited a lustrious day to drain it out!
But the illumination at the tunnel's end graced darkness!
In the quest to beat the ever relaxed time to greatness,
I wandered pass the fibre of my shadow:
Helpless- emptiness ripping me into a shadow
At your altar, I surrendered!

I thought I knew love that could on my wall, sit like a dove!
I thought I met the one her language means love!
Journeyed on scorching paths of vanity:
Pathways that lead me into distress!
I lost my way trading the map between thighs;

And in a romance, I've kissed a serpent's tongue;
Broken with no healing balm thereof!
I bought a gun that put bullet in my leg;
Leaving me defeated by pains with no gains!
Yet, in my brokenness,
At your feet, the prodical being surrender!

A second after a prayer for your mercy and pity,
The cursed words return without, on my soul a pity!
I'm reminded that unrighteousness in me dwells
But at your feet I surrender

My spirit holds me like hanger,
holds a pant with a weight of a tanker!
Which keeps falling, and getting soiled
My white garment is stained and soiled
But when the cock crows, on my knees I cry
Surrendering------ the surrender

At the breaking of another Kolanut,
The sun gleam opens painting another day!
A new year's naked sun rises;
I look through the window and questions:
What manner of God are you?
Inked By: Nseobong Edem

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