A warrior I know,
Fights with swords and shield.
The shield protects the man behind,
from the flying arrows who rest on it like defeated bats.

A Warrior I know,
Fights like Knights of Camelot;
Who're the definition of team spirit
To the last minute/man standing.

A warrior I know,
Are like the 300 men of Sparta,
Who stopped 100,000 men with boots that could dry the Mediterranean sea from marching.

A warrior I know,
Does not retreat nor surrender
For the life of each warrior laces on the next man

But we know of warriors,
Somewhere in the green land of Africa,
Each falls like leaves of a tired tree;
"yearly recruited bullet shields to the colonels".

These warriors' avidity to defend is met with empty kegs of gunpowder,
And outdated 1970's weaponry.
And are like mathematics teacher teaching 1+1=2,
but expects solved y - x + 2y = 0 in the filed.
Even the misinformation and leaked roof of secrets/plans;
Makes it a fight of humans with spirits,
Mortal and immortal.

Burry the dead;
But count the number of times the sun rises
before you meet your end on your brother's blade.
But if you survive it,
Remember to tell the tale of how the country's politics nearly buried you.
Inked By: Nseobong Edem

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