I have been on this island,
The island that is not actually high,
The island of lone hustling
Trying to break out of my shells.

I have changed my manners
In the quest for Mannas
For these days’ ravens feed no Elijahs
In the desert of life,
So I seek hard the oasis of hope
And hit no more the rocks for springs
I rise with the morning sun
But set not with the sun
Adventuring into the thorny forest of life
Trying to gather the firewood of life.

I huddle not trying to overcome my hurdles
Nor reverse to avoid adversities
But have faced my travails just to prevail
For the way to the beautiful isle
Isn’t always an aisle.

I curdle not trying to leave my cradle
Though life is sometimes flammable,
I refuse to be flimsy to avoid these flames
For when these flames finally turn cold,
I shall be the gold.

I expect no fairy to ferry me to my destiny,
So I tarry all night
Seeking to be Knight
Writing my wrongs to get things right
So no matter the losses I refuse to be lose.

Though I have wandered into this wonder wandering world,
I wander not from my focus to be a wonder
For to be an eminent
These bold steps are imminent.

At last, when my embers shall spark flames,
When my sun shall smile,
When my oasis shall spring springs,
I know this greedy indifferent earth
Shall vomit souls to claim relationship.

Details By: Purity Onyam

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