Change Your Position, That God Can Change Your Condition

The only constant thing in life is change. And that is why winners are always excited about new things, they are fed up with status quo.

The contented man today may be a disgruntled man tomorrow if he chooses to remaining a place. The status quo is only a bus stop; not a terminus. “Those who settle for status quo remain status in life”. Therefore change us necessary if you must get to the next level. Blind Bartimaeus permanently sat but the roadside begging for alms as well as depending on the public for direction. But on a blessed day when he heard that Jesus was passing, he made up is mine for a change (of position), a change from being a begger to a giver, from being led to be leading others; from being dependent to independent and being a foolish to wise. He cried ” Jesus thou son of David have Mercy on me” a cry for change in life situation.

When Jesus invited him, he cast off his garment and rose from his position. Reader, you have to change your position by casting off the garment of sin, doubt, unbelief, self-pity, failure and dependency, from your life so that your condition may change. Not until you do this, you will remain stagnant.

Cast it upon the Lord, and your situation will change. When Bartimaeus changed his position (left where he was) and advanced toward Jesus, his site was restored (change of condition). My dear reader, change is imperative. There is no need continuing with what died not have prospect or future. It is risky to jeep descending in s tunnel that is becoming deeper and deeper. If it is not working, it is not working. No matter how much you have invested in a wring project, it will never turn out to become the right project. You better change your position that your condition will change. Act or you will be axed; better change or you will be chained.

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