Dangers of Excessive Sleep

Doctors will always advise people to have enough sleep. Some have recommended that people should have between seven to eight hours sleep everyday to keep them refreshed for the next day’s work. From the doctor’s point of view, one can conclude that there is nothing wrong in having enough sleep, but it becomes a problem when one over sleeps.

I have read and studied about the lives of great men and women all over the world. I have discovered that they keep themselves very busy and have little time to sleep.

No wonder, the popular saying that great sleepers and eaters are incapable of doing anything great. A philosopher by name Jenry Long Fellow once said that “the height that great men attain was not just attained by sudden flight but while others slept they toiled through the night”.

However, from the academic point of view, students who indulge in excessive sleep always have problems in their academy pursuit. This attitude makes them incapable of adequate preparation when examination draws near. This leads some of them to look for a way of escape by involving in various forms of examination malpractices, and consequently earn many carry over courses.

Furthermore, it is also a well known fact that workers, who indulge in excessive sleep, also have problems with their bosses in the office. The results of their indulgence in excessive sleep are lateness to work and achieving little in terms of productivity.

Consequently, at home, house wives who indulge in excessive sleep find it difficult to carry out their duties; this may lead them into trouble with their husbands.

If it becomes unbearable it leads to breaking up of marriages. On the other hand, husbands who form a habit of indulgence in excessive sleep also find it difficult to take care of their families; the consequences of this action are not likely just as the result to poverty, business failure and sack at their respective places of work.

Finally, it is pertinent therefore to watch your sleeping habits before it becomes a problem to you and the society at large.

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