When I am talking about “Dreams”, I am not referring to nightmares but to all the good thoughts and imaginations and all that we would want to be and the realization of which would make life more meaningful to us.

Many young people are anxiously looking for faithful and obedient wives while our young ladies are looking for loving and caring husbands; the unemployed are seeking good jobs; students are anxiously dreaming of quick recovery; the barren are prying for children; the needy and the poor are looking for freedom. All these are our dreams. But how will they come to pass?

When will our dreams come to pass?

The solutions to all our dreams are very simple:

Firstly, we must all believe that we all have dreams and must have a vision about their fulfillment, seeking or imagining yourself becoming what you think about yourself.

Secondly, we have to ask God about what we want, but it must be in accordance with the scripture (Matt. 7:7).

Thirdly, we have to be persistent in our prayers about our dreams, and we have to make sure that what we want to be will bring glory to God.

Fourthly, we must wait patiently and endure until we see God answering our prayers (Luke 21:18; Rom. 8:25; II Tim. 2:12).

Lastly, we must have faith in God, believing that one day, we will all have our heart desires. (Ps. 78:22).

Dear readers, if you follow all these steps with sincerity of heart, you will surely have your ‘Dream’ coming to pass some day.

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