Even the bible makes it very clear that, there is a time allotted to everything. There is time to do something. Since time has been allotted to everything, it therefore means that, if something is done behind time success may not be achieved.

If success could not be achieved, your time, resources and effort prove abortive.

A time for everything is a music that rings in everyone’s mind, but a greater number of persons still pay deaf ear to it. Now the question is, do you prefer success to failure? If you are for success, do whatever you want to do at its best time, but if you are for failure, of course no one chooses to be a failure but the time you choose for an action determines whether you are a failure or not. Failure does not require much stress if you need it, do something behind time.

For learning. it has a time. Imagine a fifty years old man or woman starting school!. The question is , will he or she succeed or fail? Before considering whether he/she will succeed or fail, let us use language acquisition as a case study. A man who wants to learn a Yoruba language at fifty (50) may not succeed.The truth is that this period is regarded as senile dementia. But a child can sail through within years. Therefore, the best time to learn is when you are a young child.

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