Please permit me to dwell a little further on the personal issues of retirement because most of those negative things you hear about happening to people in retirement are things done to self either by errors of ommision or commision. Also, personal issues are mostly soluble issues because you have control over them ninety nine percent of the time. For instance, ego is an issue that may stand in your way to making full use of opportunities, slowing your down and causing you loss of profitable transactions. When you feel like rejecting almost all options for post-retirement ventures as beneath your status or as possible and too difficult proposals, slow down and check your thought process. Whenever you feel you’re still the boss though you left that organisation a few months back, and that your ‘boys’ are still in charge wake up and face reality. Your so called ‘boys’ are now probably under new mamasters. Check it out humble yourself and the good lord would soon elevate you.

You would therefore need a whole dose of humility to put your big ego in check. Someone said life is a long lesson in humility. David Richo said humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it. Humble people do not think less of themselves, they only think of themselves less. Beware of the per is of hubris. Hubris is a Greek word and it means extreme pride and arrogance. These twin traits may have been partially responsible for moving you ahead at work especially in a world in which self-celebration is the norm and fame is equated with success, where the charismatic talkative gets promoted at the expense of the diligent quiet. In retirement, you can not afford to overestimate your capability, you would have to shun bravado and excessive ego. Humility attracts patronage, it makes you accessible and approachable, and it makes people remember your for good especially your former colleagues and associates. Humility is not a sign of weakness or docility – on the contrary it is an evidence of power, potential and performance.

On the other hand, you must not let go of your self confidence and sense of self-worth, your self esteem. You may have to, and would need to dig in the deep to be confident no matter what. That is why for some of us, the God factor is the constant confidence boost. Retirement is neither a death sentence nor an end to your life. It is the end of an era and a beginning of a new one, it is a change which you so desire and plan it. You may be short of cash at the start of the new era, you may temporarily lack the social interaction the work place provides or even the authority you used to have tas the boss or an opinion leader, it is all but for a brief season. You would bounce back with careful pre-retirement planning. Self confidence is no arrogance and a good sense of self-worth is not overestimation of oneself. We all need to master the balancing act between humility and hubris. Self respect is a sense of being worthy of happiness, let no fear make nonsense of this basic sense God has endowed in every human being.

This may sound funny but true. Boredom and Loneliness become serious personal issues if you do not plan to get gainfully occupied in retirement. The would of necessity be what I call ‘newly gained time’. You would have some excess time in your hand. Plan now on how you would spend it. If you can’t figure it out how, please send me your excess time, i need it. A musician sang ‘Time na money o’. And for those of us who are used to being respected because of where we work or the money we dole out to the community or relatives or at parties, your fear of loss of status and social standing could kill you immediate post retirement. Adjust your taste now, mend your ways and manage your finances better.

Old age problems in some individuals could become stubborn challenges in retirement. Some of these are just natural while some may be due to lifestyle. Old age becomes due when one does not die young, I guess this his everyone’s prayer – the best way to grow old is ageing gracefully and this calls for disciplined lifestyle. In all this, be positive and manage your mind and thought process well. Be accountable for your life and stop ‘i’m a victim’ mentality. Remember to always Pray God First!

Thank you and happy enjoyment to you.

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