Say No To Xenophobia

Dear South Africa, Do you see the shame you bring upon Africa? What happened to the love of Africans by Africans? Why have u let a few lazy and emotional twisted natives define u as a nation? Why killing Nigerians? South Africa has some of the biggest businesses in Nigeria today, They are secured, nobody … Continue reading Say No To Xenophobia


Did you know? Russia is putting finishing touches on its newest bomb, the Sarmat-28, Nato codename SATAN 2, even as the INF nuclear treaty ended last Friday. SATAN 2 missile is the biggest thermonuclear weapon in earth and it delivers about 10 megatons in a single strike, enough to wipe off a country the size … Continue reading Weapon Of Mass DESTRUCTION

DrumBeat Of War

Let this silence not be mistake for cowardice For we are brave, warlikeAnd even potentially brutalBut we are biding our timeIn the face of this provocation Fastening our over-flowing angstWith the anchor of patience. We cry, but their Ossified ears Mistake our cry for laughter We sulk to suppress the tempting promptingsOf a bellicose intinct. … Continue reading DrumBeat Of War