BEWARE OF THE FOLLOWING: Beware! When prayer becomes a difficult thing for you.Beware! When fasting is becoming a history in your spiritual timetable.Beware! When you no longer enjoy reading the word of God.Beware! When attending church programme is becoming a burden rather than a blessing To you.Beware! When living a life of holiness is appearing … Continue reading Beware!!


humanityreligion rented your tentyou are left homelessat the mercy of corrosive rainlacerating sun humanityreligion rented your garmentyou are left bare helplesswith your body maimedby the arrows of lies humanityreligion has stolen your foodfeeding you with odiumsthat has left you grasping for breath

Happy International Children’s Day Celebration

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO OF LIMELIGHTLIBRARY ON THE 2020 INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION Apparently, children are the symbols of hope for a better future. It is so pathetic that 2020 children's day is not celebrated as it is supposed to be, due to the global disaster that ruins the system of Nations worldwide which happens … Continue reading Happy International Children’s Day Celebration