Judge me,Declare my Insanity,And send me to hell!Cos, without a fee,You took my virginity,And kept me in this cell. The smelling scent of cigarettes,Redolence savor of alcohol,And the odorous sniff of marijuana;I live each day with regrets.My head became like an empty hall,Each time I recall advice from Mama. I gave him love,Attention,And care.His was … Continue reading LOVE-PRESSION |1|

For a Rebirth of Love

Nnekasi,I bring you before the streamFor a rebirth A fish is no stranger in the oceanAnd what one loves, he washes Nnekasi,I have come to baptize youAnd name you after us Lock your hands in mine.When everything else falls,We shall remain. Photo by Naveen Annam on

LOST BATTLE | By: Odudu-God Ekan

In Honour Of Our Gallant Heros In bleating sound of echoing guns,Unstopped to 'n' fro traveling of unseen bullets,And banging bashing smashing bombs.Those tympanicing clangs we shunned,Triggers pulled like mere crickets,The bloom was doomed for our tombs. Dashed fears,Caged Worries,Barricaded nervosity.To stinking littered corpes; we covered our nares,wiped our memories of home sweet stories,As we … Continue reading LOST BATTLE | By: Odudu-God Ekan

MONEY: – LEGAL TENDER | By: Collins Joe

Money: A generally accepted means of exchange.A measurement of valueA legal tenderA social binding contract of entitlement to wealth.A social classifierWhen money speaks every other idea is put on hold.Money makes the world go roundMoney is indispensable. Money is vitalIt gives vitalityIt gives viabilityIt gives velocityIt gives veracityIt's a vitamin for healthy livingIt deficiency sickens … Continue reading MONEY: – LEGAL TENDER | By: Collins Joe