Discovering and Fulfilling your Life PURPOSE – By Collins Joe

Life's purpose is life's aim, goal, or target to be reached. It is also acquainting and aligning yourself with God's will for your life. Everyone created by God is created with a purpose to be fulfilled. There are general purpose which is a common factor among everybody and there is also a specific purpose for … Continue reading Discovering and Fulfilling your Life PURPOSE – By Collins Joe

Efficacy of GRACE

A free free gift from GodAn is the grace.A never dryundeserved favor of GodBoundless and immeasurableing fountain where the vilest can vent. Grace is UnmeritedUnmerited yet accessibleUnmerited yet affordableUnmerited yet availableUnmerited yet approachableUnmerited yet allowableThere's grace for you Grace is DivineA rare cord binding humanity with divinityIt brings humanity closer to the revered divinityIn its … Continue reading Efficacy of GRACE


Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something, usually combined with an urge to harm. Moments of anger can be compared to moment of insanity.Just as mad people live in a world of their own not minding what people around them think or say about their actions, so also … Continue reading “ANGER”