They are men who stole the futureBy distorting the pictureFlawing the the cultureDreams drowning in discomfitureAs stars are scared with tortureThere seeds they natureTo take over the place in future They have turned our home to abattoirsWhere destinies are slaughteredWe are preys in the citadelsWhere we are glorified with mere papersWe regurgitate myriad of jargonsDevouring … Continue reading “MEN WHO STOLE THE FUTURE”


In the boat I sail,Fear pelts holesAnd gets me sinking I lost a heart lovingAnd abuses, crushed my abilitiesDemoralized, downhearted and defenseless. So depression became,The hunch on my back.Its weight bulky and dragging.Questioning a way to rest,It sells to me a suicide But the note I leave,Fails my kindred tickling questions;Of guilts, regrets, of painsAnd … Continue reading “WHAT IS DEAD, MAY NEVER DIE”

SCARS OF WAR – (Prologue)

When the application of senses and logic failsThere humanity derailsDialogue and negotiation perishAnd wars at last flourish. Victors and vanquishers all alikeBlood bathe all in the hikePains and peril devoid of gainArms for alms the prize of pain. Thus humanity buried in chaosNothing for you, nothing for usEmpires and states reduced to rubblesOur future and … Continue reading SCARS OF WAR – (Prologue)


So to be worthy in characterWe lost the din of our voicesAnd must work until we drop But mama never said:That the road to knwowledgeWorn sharp thorns and pricklesAnd demanded one a prisoner We wear smiles on cracked lips;But like the tree shakes off dry leaves,the paid price shall beget a rebirth.