LIFE in This Cage

Life in this cage;I have read it cover to page,knowing all its event and age.Now I know life is a stage. Life in this cage;where many toil with no wage,paying allegiance to the nefarious ageWhose conduct inflames rage. Life in this cage;where the celebs act off the stagemaking this stead a hedgethat bears fruits-plague Life … Continue reading LIFE in This Cage


Talk of confidence, self assurance, or the quality of trusting. I think everybody does have confidence, but our problem is that we disperse the confidence into different places and into different people. You disperse a little confidence in your ability, a little in that man or woman, thereby making those pieces of confidence less effective … Continue reading Confidence

The Herdsmen

They rampaged the shrines Plundering the mosques Annihilating the churches These men do not fear God They humiliated the priests Demeaning the imams And dehumanizing the clergy These men do not fear God Scripted By: JK Anyanwu