This subject line is open for discussion. Feel free to share your thought and views on this very series of Marriage and Relationship Clinic. Sleeping alone is better than sharing your BED with someone who shares a BED with someone else when you are not around.Cheating does not mean you have to kiss, meet or … Continue reading FACTS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS


They are just sadistSome people are just sadistThey can never for a reason smile, even when they have every cause to..rather they prefer their face in it's ugly nature and bitter at heart...why?? They are just sadistThey prefer to die with their burdenThan discuss with people around, forgetting 'a problem discussed is a problem half … Continue reading Sadist

Seven (7) Prayers for June

He is our booster for Life. He can always guide and direct our path. Therefore, we should learn to Pray for a better tomorrow. Smiles will come your way just as Favour locates you in this New Month of June. Amen. Our Prayer For June. Happy New Month all💖