I FIGHT FOR YOU | By: Membis Okorie C.

You might not see me in uniformMilitary rigaliaBoot and helmetBut know it my dear daughterThat your father is brave like a lionThough tender like the breezeYour father is stronger than stormsAnd have conquered a million warsLong before I met your mother I went into battle with gods and wonI gathered goddesses and tied them to … Continue reading I FIGHT FOR YOU | By: Membis Okorie C.

LOST BATTLE | By: Odudu-God Ekan

In Honour Of Our Gallant Heros In bleating sound of echoing guns,Unstopped to 'n' fro traveling of unseen bullets,And banging bashing smashing bombs.Those tympanicing clangs we shunned,Triggers pulled like mere crickets,The bloom was doomed for our tombs. Dashed fears,Caged Worries,Barricaded nervosity.To stinking littered corpes; we covered our nares,wiped our memories of home sweet stories,As we … Continue reading LOST BATTLE | By: Odudu-God Ekan

SCARS OF WAR – (Prologue)

When the application of senses and logic failsThere humanity derailsDialogue and negotiation perishAnd wars at last flourish. Victors and vanquishers all alikeBlood bathe all in the hikePains and peril devoid of gainArms for alms the prize of pain. Thus humanity buried in chaosNothing for you, nothing for usEmpires and states reduced to rubblesOur future and … Continue reading SCARS OF WAR – (Prologue)