Every mother is a womanBut not all women are mothersMotherhood comes with prideAnd the joy remains unreplaceable Just a dayOn your arms lies the journey of a life timeAnd your eyes beholds the beautyThe love your heart can't contain Just like a dayRight from your arms he crawlsFrom his mouth springs his first wordAnd you … Continue reading THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD | BY: PRECYLIGHT

BLINKING LOVE | By Nseobong edem

Before the sun wakes from its slumberWe shall rise to this placeAnd work at the morning's faceFor no plant grows betterThan seeds buried with equal special hands While we shall wait for the pregnant skyTo rain to the last dropAnd water our seeds of greatnessI shall cripple the word 'love' that has lost content,watered by … Continue reading BLINKING LOVE | By Nseobong edem

Happy International Children’s Day Celebration

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO OF LIMELIGHTLIBRARY ON THE 2020 INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION Apparently, children are the symbols of hope for a better future. It is so pathetic that 2020 children's day is not celebrated as it is supposed to be, due to the global disaster that ruins the system of Nations worldwide which happens … Continue reading Happy International Children’s Day Celebration