The intent spirit of unity, with fragrance of interface That brings diversity together. Like the meeting of the red and blue watered seas. Collaboration destroys the evils, of individuality. And practically sets pride ablaze. With its strength and power. Collaboration is success unnoticed keys. Flowing streams of a strong bond, Like the coming together of … Continue reading COLLABORATION


About Children

Children are the greatest gifts from God, great gifts to couples to fulfill what God said in the beginning. "Go be fruitful and multiple and replenish the earth" They are the joy and source of happiness of their parents. They comfort and brings blessings to their families. They are gifted with skills, knowledge and creativity. … Continue reading About Children

Inferior Thoughts

I'd rather read than writeI'd rather listen than speakI'd rather learn than teachI'd rather obey than commandI'd rather serve than servedI'd rather follow than leadFor those who write are accountable to the MuseSpeakers will have their tongue judged.Teachers conscience will be examinedCommanders are held responsible for battles lostThose served gain nothingAnd true leaders are worse … Continue reading Inferior Thoughts