MONEY: – LEGAL TENDER | By: Collins Joe

Money: A generally accepted means of exchange.A measurement of valueA legal tenderA social binding contract of entitlement to wealth.A social classifierWhen money speaks every other idea is put on hold.Money makes the world go roundMoney is indispensable. Money is vitalIt gives vitalityIt gives viabilityIt gives velocityIt gives veracityIt's a vitamin for healthy livingIt deficiency sickens … Continue reading MONEY: – LEGAL TENDER | By: Collins Joe

“Nothing Good Comes Out of Smoking.” – DR. OG

Sitting at the mechanic shop today; beside me was an empty pack of cigarette. So I decided to take an up, close & personal look at the constituents of the smoke (occupational hazard sha; we like looking into things). First of all I saw the double standard guarantee on the pack from two different bodies. … Continue reading “Nothing Good Comes Out of Smoking.” – DR. OG


Oh! OkoyongThe spiritual deitygod of impartial JusticeHear now my humble pleaAnd save my communityLike you did in the 60s and 70sSo we can finally be free. Oh! OkoyongYour very offspringThe innocent maidensHave been denied access to the water sourceThe patriarchs now call it their springWe've become their everyday burdenAnd by force, it became our choice. … Continue reading THE CONSULTATION