As the world advance in ageSo do generation change In the days of Aquinas the saintChildren are known to serve in the tent In the days of ShakespeareThey read, not even the mind they spare In the days of our fathers they play hide and seekAnd now what's under they seek To fill the gaps … Continue reading FATHERLESS GENERATION – By: Onyemachi Ezekiel

‘Home is Not a Safe Place’

Wandering the solitude at home,My heart knackered faster,At the absence of everyone As a tempest uproot our kitchen,I hold fast to the door In trepidation,I ran to my room Abruptly I heard footstepApproaching me Snapping my room door,I cling to it,But a heavy pushedRender me restless Looking vulnerable on the ground,I felt an unusual touched … Continue reading ‘Home is Not a Safe Place’