WE CAN’T BREATHE | By: Tr Odudu-God Ekan

As we join forces with blacks in America,
Let us not forget what is happening in Nigeria.

Unemployment Like facemask,
Has blocked our noses,
And stopped us from breathing.
We blacks have been given a difficult task,
To survive on ‘Yes sir!’ to our Bosses,
As the enjoy, kicking, beating, insulting and sacking.
Let the Nigerian youths echo,
Without any restrain say;
“We Can’t Breathe”.

As we show solidarity with the Negroes,
Let us not mistakenly say, we are heroes.

Our Education like cotton-woods,
Has barricaded our nostrils,
And has hindered us from Breathing.
We’re only told of the deeds in our neighborhoods,
Teaching that looks like a mystery,
We become good at reading and writing.

Let Nigerian Students,
Without another wait,
aloud scream and say;
“We Can’t Breathe”.

Poverty like Corona,
Has barred our nares,
and stopped us from breathing.
Talk of the street of Calabar, Kaduna, Katsina or even almighty Abuja,
While few buy shares, many eat as food their fears,
See them muscling, struggling, hustling, and it’s tussling.

Let the abandoned majority,
Without any vocal reserve,
voice out and say;
“We Can’t Breathe”.

Corruption like racism,
Has killed us,
And has called for a funeral.
Talk of nepotism, tribalism, or even favoritism,
Took our resources by force,
For a holy song in the cathedral.

Let Nigerians,
Without any fear,
Cry out and say;
“We Can’t Breathe”

Even me too,
If there are people that CAN’T BREATHE

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