Addiction work at suppressing emotions.Alcohol suppresses fear.Nicotine suppresses anger.Marijuana suppresses sadness.Pleasure hides pain.Compulsivity hides anxiety.Fantasy hides shame.Depravation hides terror.And as far as other addictions are concerned - such as sex, masturbation, love, food, sugar, gambling, spending and codependency tends to hide one form of emotion or the other. Ironically, the very act of avoiding our … Continue reading Addiction

“I can’t breathe” | In memory of George Floyd

He called out to his Mom… Who died 2 years ago on this same day Handcuffed.Face Down.Knee on his neck.They did nothing. His nose bleed.His body trembled.He lost control of his bladder.They did nothing. He called the officer "Sir."They did nothing. He begged for his life.He begged for water.He begged for mercy.They did nothing. He … Continue reading “I can’t breathe” | In memory of George Floyd