The Different Types of Helpers you must know

Help is an action given to provide an assistance or aid to someone in need of such assistance.A helper is the person who render an assistance to to the needy.You need to watch the intentions of the help people are offering you. Some helps are traps, you need to be wary of the help you … Continue reading The Different Types of Helpers you must know


Yesterday they came as a saviour To make our kitchen a parlour Shall we wait for another tenure; When they are now lies donor? They promised heaven to those in hell Our voice to be heard like morning mass bell Our regime must be corruption free Now they gave bitter wine as morning tea They … Continue reading THEY LIED TO US


At a dirty water The lion did claim That the poor little lamb Did stir the dirt Which flows to him upstream Himself the king of the beast What a lie to find fault! Did water flow upstream? The excuse of the strong To oppress the poor