Amidst of doubtTo get to the other sideTo your sea of fortunesHaving lost all to sharksHopes melted like a paperDancing in the middle of the riverDare it; do it!!! Night longer than river nineSun ashamed to smile at youCrops frozen by pestsYour day darker than coalHail your lantern, shame the sunDare it; do it!!! Handicap … Continue reading DARE IT, DO IT!!!


The horses come white and blackThe birds are multicoloured. In my frame, I wear my camouflage.For adorning black,I must work to dropProving I'm not an ape. If my land grows greatThe twilight shall meet me homeI shall find my leg out of hateTo chorus the laughter at home At beyond home boundariesI won't shed tears … Continue reading THE MAGIC FINGERS DO


INTRODUCTION Nationalism is one of the most disputed and controversial concepts in social sciences. This is due to the fact that the concept is heavily laden with ideological, religious, ethnic, racial and socio-economic emotional undercurrents. Indeed, nationalism has become a very powerful force in modern history. It could be described as a double-edged sword; it … Continue reading IMPLICATION OF NATIONALISM ON NIGERIA EDUCATION SYSTEM

Happy International Children’s Day Celebration

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO OF LIMELIGHTLIBRARY ON THE 2020 INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION Apparently, children are the symbols of hope for a better future. It is so pathetic that 2020 children's day is not celebrated as it is supposed to be, due to the global disaster that ruins the system of Nations worldwide which happens … Continue reading Happy International Children’s Day Celebration