Slay Queens, like we usually call them, are the only queens with no visible crown. she wears it on her heart, her heart she speaks out loud to anyone, anyone who dares her feelings, she's not like you, You who crushes a guy forever but never tells him. Her lies are like the curls on … Continue reading “SLAY QUEENS”


With deceptive love words,He carefully echoed,"I love you pass my Mama".Words saintly said with guts,With a vow to take an oath,He whispered, "my beautiful adada". Without any left over doubts,She smilingly said, "yes!","I love you pass my Papa".With hands firmly glue to her mouths,She declared, "I will love you and no one else",My hairy Handsome … Continue reading “FAKE LOVE”


The Rich diesgoes to hellThe Poor diesgoes to hell Also,The rich diesGoes to heavenAnd the poor diesGoes to heaven Why die poorAnd go to hell? Better die RichStay in hellThan die poorAnd live in hell Here is hell for the poorGoing to hellIs suffocating twice missed the calls Scripted By: JK Anyanwu