Capsules of Love

Her well scripted dittos,
captures my heart.
Like flames of a quenched fire,
diffuses through my bones.
Her sweet coded words,
Drift my heart apart,
Leaving me in total silence,
As I wonder and ponder;
She gave me love capsule,
And healed my soul.

Her well created beauty,
Saturates my heart.
Like Holy Ghost anointing,
It revamped my dead spirit.
Her chocolate skin,
Tells of creation unadulterated.
Putting me in trance of wholesomeness,
As I appreciate her creator.
She gave me love tablet,
I will never regret.

Her angelic still voice drills my heart apart,

Like angel Gabriel to Mary,
Her sweet tonation,
Intoxicates my thoughts.
Sending me on an errand of no return,
As I flashback to hear her speak.
She gave me love overdose,
That’s just the way it goes.

Her intelligent intelligence,
Hails my head up high.
Like a brain box,
Spells complete facetiousness.
Her untold wisdom and knowledge,
Captures my innermost.
Sojourning to the other world,
As I deeply cogitate.
She gave me love pills,
And I feel like dills.

Her rift deep passion,
Colours my existence.
Like tales of Romeo and Juliet,
It completely spurs me up.
Her love for children,
make me yearn for one.
A journey to the land of virtue,
As I display my ingratuities.
She gave me love injection,
And Kept me detention.

Her soft golden heart,
Makes me feel corky.
Like pastors on pulpit,
It radiates from the inside.
Her fragile heart,
Makes me love her the more.
A million miles to Eden,
As I confess my affection.
She’s my love doctor,
Treating me for rapture.

The Big Dream

Poem By: Odudu-God Ekan

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