Running Out Of Options

There was a woman in the Bible whose daughter was grievously vexed with the devil. She left her country and began to sought Jesus. And when she sought Him and called on Him, He answered her not a WORD.


And in the last attempt and with the last strength you’ve got left, you call on God and He says NOTHING at all?

Finally when He does speak, He says I am only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Few minutes later, He says, it’s not me to give the children’s bread to the dogs.

She says, I may be a dog, but even dogs can eat the crumbs that falls from the master’s table.

Finally she put all protocol out of the way. She stopped worrying about what anybody thought or what anybody says.

She just cried out “Lord, help ME!

Every now and then you get into trouble and you don’t have time to go through ceremonial routine. You got to open your mouth and cry out LORD HELP ME!

Whether it’s legal or not legal.
Whether it is protocol or not protocol.

If you need help, try and call on God.

There Is God In Every Man

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