The Girl in Her

of a girl in the land, i do not understand she plays a ball to the tolling of the church's bell her feelings/bill's bail of the hundred men, it's quite a lot of men queuing at her hut she commands every part: of the lonely, beaten, insatiable n the ones, hurt like music on the … Continue reading The Girl in Her

You Have The Right To Be Motivated

What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other? George Eliot The essence of living is to make life easier and more comfortable for each other. Lead your life in your a way that your foot prints will be a landmark for those coming behind you, either to learn … Continue reading You Have The Right To Be Motivated


Talk of confidence, self assurance, or the quality of trusting. I think everybody does have confidence, but our problem is that we disperse the confidence into different places and into different people. You disperse a little confidence in your ability, a little in that man or woman, thereby making those pieces of confidence less effective … Continue reading Confidence

Who Cares

Who cares to knowWhy the moonStares at the night?Who cares to knowWhy the starsGlare at the dark?Who cares to knowWhy the ChildBites the mother's nipple?Who Cares to knowWhy the presentKisses the future?Do we care to know ifThe dance-steps of the maidenAre in sync withThe rhythm of her back?Who cares?Who???