A Depressed Nation

The rate at which people commit suicide this days is becoming worrisome! 
Just yesterday, a doctor and a final year student committed suicide. This morning again, a woman jumped into the well, in my own area! Thank goodness she didn’t die. 
What now kept me bothered is, what will make a person to want to take his/her own life? 
Some blame it on the harsh economy, others blame it on spiritual or social factors. Be it as it may, I don’t think there’s any justification for a person to take his life. 
I read comment of a person that state ‘suicide is the permanent solution to a temporary problem’, this really baffled me!
I rather say it just a template for the beginning of a permanent trouble. Ask Judas Iscariot if I lied.

Dear reader, be your brother’s keeper! Many are passing through a lot of battles within! You see someone that is always active and boisterous, suddenly withdraw and becomes calm and wanting to keep to himself and still claim to be fine? Please, persuade the person until he opens up. Just a little word of kindness can save a soul. That’s way better than the RIP that’s usually said after the deed has been done, when in the real sense, the soul is not resting in any peace, rather, it’s in everlasting agony. A problem shared is half solved. Nothing is new under the sun.

Dear reader, do you know there’s a specialist psychiatrist and psychologist that understands your case perfectly? He’s ever available for you to relate your problems with him, he could understand perfectly, what you usually mean by you won’t understand. His name is Jesus! He said you should come to him with your heavy burden that he’s willing to help you! Won’t you answer to this call? Do it now and you will never regret it.

Scripted By: Collins Joseph

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