Tell Me, Tell Me, Smiling Child

Tell me, tell me, smiling child,What the past is like to thee?'An Autumn evening soft and mild,With a wind that sighs mournfully.'Tell me, whst is the present hour?'A green a flowery sprayWhere a young bird sits gathering its powderTo mount and fly away.'And what is the future, happy one?'A sea beneath a cloudless sun;A mighty, … Continue reading Tell Me, Tell Me, Smiling Child

You Have The Right to Be Motivated

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; Hebrew 12:2 Looking unto in Jesus in faith not your challenges. Look at his past miracles not your miseries. The more we take a look at him, the lesser of our detractors we see. The more of his image and what he is capable of … Continue reading You Have The Right to Be Motivated

DrumBeat Of War

Let this silence not be mistake for cowardice For we are brave, warlikeAnd even potentially brutalBut we are biding our timeIn the face of this provocation Fastening our over-flowing angstWith the anchor of patience. We cry, but their Ossified ears Mistake our cry for laughter We sulk to suppress the tempting promptingsOf a bellicose intinct. … Continue reading DrumBeat Of War