The Real Fixer Of Destiny

Dear whoever is reading this, It is only God that fix destiny not man. Even when you realize that your destiny deserves a change, that must be done through thorough prayers. Jabez set a good precedence that is worthy of emulation in this aspect. Dear reader, you are in for a colossal damage if you … Continue reading The Real Fixer Of Destiny


A true hero is not one who triumphs by force or strength, but one who rose from the ashes of defeat and has the ability to continue despite challenges, trials and troubles. Such a person becomes a guiding light and encouragement to the cast down. Cowards die many times before their time, but God's heroes … Continue reading A TRUE HERO

ERRORS OF CIVILIZATION (A Call to return to the African Culture)

They came to our region With their own religion And talk of education They brought civilization Oh! Civilization See what you've caused Our young women now walk the street bare and naked As clothings they wear thatched parched racks With artificial eyelashes that smashes that will be burnt into ashes I say civilization you're wicked … Continue reading ERRORS OF CIVILIZATION (A Call to return to the African Culture)