The Herdsmen

They rampaged the shrines Plundering the mosques Annihilating the churches These men do not fear God They humiliated the priests Demeaning the imams And dehumanizing the clergy These men do not fear God Scripted By: JK Anyanwu

The Devil I know

As they say " The Devil you know is better than the Angel you know not" I disagree. For their is also a saying "What you don't know is bigger than what you know. I know about a Devil, he was with Angels in heaven, he has a charming and sweet voice but was sent … Continue reading The Devil I know


On a cozy rainy night Our bodies cuddled And our hearts entangled Then suddenly my thoughts jolted like a zombie Peeping through momentary windows…. Along the field of past echoes I behold the dried bones of slain loves Each lying in shallow grave, unmourned With hot teary inscribed epitaphs Telling horrible tales of their demise. … Continue reading LOVE CEMETERY