Unfinished Discussion (For Prof. Ime Ikiddeh)

Soon after we metto discuss tribes and legends?How did it happen?why did it happen?why an unfinished discussion?You ferried me like Mosesby the cargo of Ibibio LiteratureAdorned with the fodder of oral traditiontill I came to this Jordanon my way to the promised landwhy an unfinished discussion?My lips bid you fare wellto please time-honoured traditionmy heart … Continue reading Unfinished Discussion (For Prof. Ime Ikiddeh)


As I lay on my thoughtful bed, Oceans of tears drowning my pillows, My soul wandered slowly Like a dizzy cloud into fantasy. Heaven came down; Stars of misfortunes died; So a new earth sprouted Streams of sorrows dried up; And fountains of joy flowed like rivers. In my fantasy, I walked on the streets … Continue reading IN MY FANTASY