A warrior I know, Fights with swords and shield. The shield protects the man behind, from the flying arrows who rest on it like defeated bats. A Warrior I know, Fights like Knights of Camelot; Who're the definition of team spirit To the last minute/man standing. A warrior I know, Are like the 300 men … Continue reading A WARRIOR


Two love birds Lying on either beds Feeling dizzy and crazy And seeking a cozy All drunk in the opium of love But each as harmless as a dove This distance is a prison To hearts that yearn beyond season But with wishes they tour the world A serene illusionary world! I am the one, … Continue reading THOUGHTS OF LOVERS’ HEARTS


The crime against women orchestrated by the men remnants of unforgettable pains some feel like they are in chains eyes filled with tears mind caged with fears as they tell the story the story of Rape. Men aroused lustful desire hot like that of Hell Fire as they go in search of their prey to … Continue reading THE RAPE